International curriculum comes with its unique points and aspects to highlight. It is similar to IEYC, which is one of the best curricula used for the preschool level. Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur uses the IEYC due to its benefits, including the ability to provide children with focused learning. So, how good is the curriculum for students? Here are things to learn now. 

International Early Year Curriculum 

Made by Fieldwork education, UK, the curriculum is a child-centered and research-informed curriculum meant for the preschool and kindergarten levels. It is specifically tailored to provide the best learning for 2-5 years old, which is focused on the best practice to embrace the interconnected nature of learning. 

The world-known curriculum is something loved thanks to its flexibility and various ways of providing more attractive learning. That is why, some aspect to highlight in its curriculum is the ability in emphasizing holistic, playful, and child-focused approaches to development or learning. This is why the IEYC also pinpoints six areas of learning. 

Benefit Of IEYC 

The preschool Jakarta Timur Global Sevilla employs IEYC also because it has many beneficial points to serve for the study. The curriculum does not require formal qualification, and while also flexible or works alongside the national curriculum. The design also comes out with eight learning principles that create a unique process of learning shifts from measuring outcomes based on development. 

Learning Strands And Six Areas Of Learning And Development 

One thing that makes the curriculum unique is its learning strands and six areas of learning and development focus. The strands or the underpinning qualities made from the IEYC are communicating, enquiring, independence, interdependence, healthy living plus physical well-being. It makes the curriculum set the standard for the school in regards to the learning activities. 

The six learning and development focus is another aspect where the school should tailor fun activities based on children’s social, physical, creative, literature, cognitive, and knowledge about world education. IEYC also offers the preschool Jakarta Timur all 18 unit learning, focusing on the central theme, learning strands, and various activities to be adapted to the school.    If you are interested in providing the best preschool education, be sure to understand and learn about its curriculum. Global Sevilla, the preschool located in both west and east Jakarta uses IEYC for its specific education design. Every part of the learning is tailored to fully cover the children’s needs. That is why you should consider checking out Global Sevilla to get the best learning.